Failing To Pay Your DMV Assessment Will Result In License Suspension

he most common tickets that are issued in New York are speeding tickets.  These tickets not only have a heavy fine but carry points which can cost you in additional state fines, affect your insurance rates and lead to a possible license suspension.  If you are caught speeding in New York at 11-20 mph over the limit for example, then you will be charged with 4 points against your license, a maximum$300 fine plus an additional $85 surcharge.  If you get another 2 point ticket within 18 months of that violation, New York State can begin assessing you a separate state surcharge called the Driver Responsibility Assessment.

The Driver Responsibility Assessment can apply to all drivers that are convicted of a traffic violation in the State of New York.  The program is intended to deter repeat offenses within the state and to encourage traffic safety.  Drivers that commit alcohol or drug related offenses, or refuse to submit to a chemical test or that receive 6 points or more on their New York State record within an 18 month period (including drivers from other states and Ontario and Quebec) will be responsible to pay the assessment.

If you receive 6 or more points on your New York State driving record within an 18 month period then the annual assessment is $100 for three years.  Drivers that receive more than six points on their record within an 18 month period are fined an additional $25 per point per year (each additional point is $75).   The DMV will suspend your license if you fail to pay your DMV Driver Responsibility Assessment.

What Happens If The Points Transfer To My Home State?

If you receive a traffic ticket in New York then in many cases the points may transfer back to your home state.  In particular if your traffic ticket carries 6 points or more in New York you will be required to pay the Driver Responsibility Assessment fee in New York and might also have to pay an additional Driver Assessment fee in your home state.  It doesn’t sound fair, but with so many states that share traffic violation information these are some of the consequences for not fighting your traffic ticket and pleading guilty to the charges.

What Should I Do If My License Has Been Suspended?

Having your license suspended can cause you serious issues, especially when you need your car to get to work, school or run daily errands.  If your license has been suspended in New York, contact the attorneys at The Rosenblum Law Firm today for a free consultation on how to get your license back on track.