Suspended License Due to Driving Without Insurance

Car Insurance agent Shelley

Driving without insurance is a serious matter and can carry pretty severe consequences, however millions of people in the United States drive their car without being insured.  The law requires that every driver with a car have the required amount of car insurance.

What Are The Fines And Penalties In New York For Operating A Vehicle Without Proper Insurance?

It is illegal in all states to drive a vehicle without having your car insured and more specifically most states require that you drive with proof that your vehicle is insured.   If the police pull you over and you are not properly insured then you can face heavy fines and possible jail time.  Under New York’s Vehicle and Traffic Law, Article 6 section 319-1 Operating without insurance can result in 15 days in jail and up to $1,500 in fines.  The DMV can also revoke your license for a year if you are found guilty.  The State of New York requires every driver to be insured for injury / property damage to others.

The law in New York states that if a driver fails to produce an Insurance ID card then it is presumed that there is no insurance on the vehicle.  If you are involved in an accident the driver can sue you personally for the damages involved.  Although car insurance premiums can be expensive, auto insurance is essential.

Why Is Driving Without Insurance Illegal?

Make no mistake that driving without insurance is reckless behavior.  This is because if you are involved in a car accident then the other driver must be compensated for the damage that is done to their vehicle and any pain, suffering, lost wages and medical bills that are associated with the accident.   Driving without insurance is illegal because if you are involved in an accident and do not have insurance, then you essentially have no insurance to cover the damages that are done.

What Should I Do If I Was Charged With Driving Without Insurance?

The consequences of driving without proper insurance can be avoided by first obtaining insurance coverage and making sure that your vehicle is properly registered.  If you were charged with driving without insurance then you should contact an experienced traffic/criminal defense attorney in New York.

Often times, an individual has insurance but since he cannot produce the insurance card, the law presumes he was not insured as explained above. If you were charged with no insurance but you did, in fact, have insurance, an attorney can help you avoid excessive fines and possible license suspension.  Even if you did not have insurance at the time, an attorney still may be able to negotiate a reduction of the charges so you avoid license revocation. Call The Rosenblum Law Firm today for a free consultation as to how we can help you.