Suspended Commercial Driver’s License

Commercial Drivers License

The ability to drive a vehicle is an important part of many Americans’ sense of worth and independence. After all, what defines freedom better than the ability to jump into one’s car and drive off into the sunset at any moment? To have that freedom curtailed is a serious blow, psychologically, socially and otherwise, especially when you have a commercial driver’s license (CDL) and your livelihood depends on it.

As is becoming clear, a suspended license means bad news and less money in one’s pocket. This is especially the case if someone has a job dependent on possessing a driver’s license. Yes, commercial licenses can also be suspended, and the police and courts will not show sympathy merely because a person depends on that license for their livelihood. As a result, a suspended license can mean professional disaster for some people.

What Are The Penalties And Fines For Driving While Suspended?

To have one’s license suspended means that the state has terminated your ability to legally operate a motor vehicle. Of course, some people chose to ignore a suspended license and opt to drive anyway, a very bad idea with some steep legal consequences, including but not at all limited to jail time, probation, having one’s car confiscated and fines up to $5,000.

A license can be suspended for numerous reasons, from failing to participate in a breathalyzer test to failing to answer a traffic ticket. As mentioned earlier, some individuals decide to just ignore warnings of a suspended license and drive anyway. This seemingly works – until they get caught by the police, an increasingly common occurrence in our modern age of traffic cameras and ever-more sophisticated policing technology.

What Should I Do If I Have A Commercial Driver’s License And My Privileges Have Been Suspended?

Long story short, if you get your license suspended – stay off the road. It’s convenient for the short term but can catch up to you in a nasty way if caught by the authorities. Getting caught driving while suspended in NYS can lead to being charged with Aggravated Unlicensed Operation which is a misdemeanor (crime) punishable by a fine and potentially jail time if convicted.

If you’ve had your license suspended and are unsure what your best course of action is, it is recommended you consult a legal professional immediately. A lawyer with experience in traffic law knows how to minimize the damage that might be done to your driving record and can help you avoid steep fines and worse. Contact the lawyers at the Rosenblum Law Firm today and keep your livelihood and car intact.

2 thoughts on “Suspended Commercial Driver’s License

  1. Joseph p Lorenzo jr

    Hello I saw your add while I was trying to look up info about my lic. I am a holder of a CDl a lic . I lost it because at one time I had another CDl a lic in another name , I am curious if I have a chance in getting my lic back . I live in the NYC area .. Thank you

    1. admin Post author

      Joseph, there are several factors as to whether or not you might qualify for a reinstatement of CDL privileges. You should contact DMV and inquire.


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