New York Suspended License Information

Having a New York State Driver’s License is a privilege that you are afforded.  As with any license in New York you can have your driving privilege suspended or even revoked for any number of reasons.  What’s worse is that many drivers on the road don’t even realize that their license is suspended and are actually committing a crime when they get behind the wheel with a suspended license.  This site is dedicated to offering information should you find yourself looking at a suspension.

What Is The Difference Between Having Your License Suspended and Having Your License Revoked?


Having your license revoked is more severe than having your license suspended.  If your license was suspended, your privileges will be automatically reinstated after the suspension period is up. Revocation means that your driving privileges are taken away and will not automatically be reinstated after the revocation period is over. At the end of the revocation period, you will have to pay a suspension termination fee and the Department of Motor Vehicles then needs to issue you a new license.

In New York How Can I Get My License Suspended or Revoked?

There are many different reasons why a driver’s license can be suspended by the State of New York.  Here are some of the most common reasons why a New York driver’s license can be suspended or revoked:

  • Multiple moving violations: Drivers that accumulate 11 or more points within an 18 month period or are convicted of three regular speeding tickets or two construction zone tickets
  • Driving without insurance
  • Some reckless driving charges which an accident was involved
  • Speed contest conviction
  • CDL holder convicted of leaving the scene of an accidents
  • Refusal to submit to a DWI breath test
  • Providing false information on a driver’s license application
  • Fleeing the scene of an accident or evading the police
  • Failure to pay traffic tickets, fines or surcharges
  • Issuing a bad check or failure to pay child support
  • If you are convicted of a serious traffic violation of 3 points or more while holding a Junior License.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs including Aggravated DWI 
  • Alcohol and drug-related offenses by minors (Zero Tolerance Law)

Is It A Crime To Drive With A Suspended License In New York?

Vehicle and Traffic Law section 511 states that if your license is suspended that you can be charged with a crime and in some cases you can be facing a felony charge with a minimum required prison sentence of 1 year.  Often times drivers will find themselves handcuffed and on their way to jail before ever realizing that they were driving on a suspended license.  Unfortunately not knowing that your license was suspended, even when you state that you did not receive any notification in the mail does not completely absolve you from getting arrested and charged with a crime.

Some of the most common ways that drivers find themselves in trouble with the law is when they fail to respond to a traffic ticket.  This can include ignoring a ticket, not making a court appearance, or being found guilty of a charge and then failing to pay the fine.  Any of these actions can result in having your license suspended in New York.

Does It Matter That My License Was Suspended Previously In Another State?

New York Counties

New York Counties

With the increase in technology it is important that you make sure you fight any charge that you are facing against your freedoms and liberties.  Before, many states were not able to effectively communicate traffic violation matters to other states.  Now many states have reciprocal agreements to share traffic violation matters and various criminal records between the states.

A license suspension will usually be communicated to other states even if you move to a different state. Running away from tickets or previous violations most often proves futile as many states freely exchange this information to make sure each driver has one uniform driving record.  Not only that, most if not all driver’s license applications forms ask you whether you have been suspended prior in any jurisdiction. If you are untruthful and you say “no” and later DMV finds out you were not telling the truth, they can charge you with a crime for filing a false instrument.

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